No Turning Back

29 September 2019

Control is a marvelous illusion. When paired with denial, we can live (rather, our psyches can live) in a fortress of feigned security.

We go through our days, walking one way, eating certain things, moving our bodies in a way the mind can become accustomed to. Underneath our routines, our beliefs, and our seemingly innocent habits lay the most unanswered parts of ourselves. The ripples that run on the surface of our emotional bodies buried within are not born of the winds of change. Rather, they are formed from the very bottom of the waters of our spirits.  The ocean floors shift and move, creating within themselves broken pieces of earth, shifts that result in the most burning aspects of ourselves coming through. Erupting, lava makes its way upwards, churning with it all the currents of our emotional bodies. It continues to be released into the cold, dark waters of our selves, taking with it the stillness and homeostasis that we once took for granted. The tides have quite literally shifted, but this time it’s not the moon drawing the ocean towards itself, it’s the earth below that moves the water above.

The very foundation upon which all of us is built, has changed. It will never be the same. And, before we can mourn the past, we must first manage the underwater storm that threatens our false sense of security as we walk through life.

To any average passerby who glances in our direction, the ocean waters of our selves may seam only slightly rippled. Nothing more than autumn winds softly kissing the surface. But, for those brave enough to swim within our waters, those loving and courageous enough to risk traveling to our depths, out of the sun’s light, a more catastrophic alteration can be seen.

And, while the formerly impenetrable barrier between the core of our being and the waters that protect ourselves from it collapses, while the earth fails to maintain its strength, the sight of the lava entering the depths of the ocean floor is the most beautiful sight you’ll ever see. What’s more, the diver learns that you can discover light, no matter how far away from the sun you may find yourself.

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