Reborn by the Storm

November 27, 2018

You hit me like a much needed rain after a long draught.

I had hardened myself against the softness of your nourishment.

I’d been alone so long, a desert mountain. The sky was my only friend.

I spent day in and day out breathing in the dry air- floating through time and space.

Lone mountain, lone ranger.

The only friend of mine, an occasional four-legged stranger. Airy breezes that were all welcomed soon began to chip me away. Sculpting my edges. Hardening my curves. And then, you.

I saw you from far away. A deep, dark blue cast off the horizon line.

I had to grow legs.

I had to break free. I had to move to get closer to you.

I could feel your warm, tropical moisture promising to heal my wounds.

To soften my cracks.

To help me grow life again in this desert, arid landscape I’d created.

We met.

We danced.

Your nourishment made me believe in life again.

No longer living a slow death.

Reborn again by your storm clouds. Cuddling softly in the trance of the belle sounds. Convinced all waiting was over.

But you had to go, continue onwards.

Follow the wind paths of this mysterious world to your next journey.

Never forgetting me.

The landscape that needed you.

The landscape you grew.

I can only hope that one day, you’ll return.

You’ll see how I’ve grown from your one storm cloud, long ago.

Grasses will have returned.

Life grows again where there was desolate nothingness.

Maybe you’ll like it so much,

You’ll want to stay.

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