Polarizing Opinions Contained

June 5, 2019

In the week before my period begins, I often lament the fact that I have less energy than the other three weeks of the month. I find myself less patient and generally less enthusiastic about life. I blame my woman-ness for my inability to perform at 100% at work. I’ve been trained to believe that this time of my cycle is ghastly- to be abolished and ignored. I’ve been taught to put on a happy face, think positively, and be less dramatic.

I feel shame for having emotions of sadness, longing, nostalgia, and grief in the days before my cycle begins. As my body slows down and releases the energies of the proceeding month, my consciousness becomes flooded with stored memories. As my cells move intelligently to cast away old waste, so too do the cells of my memory release the stored emotions that accompany this damaged tissue, sent to be recycled back to earth (unless, of course, I use a chemical-ridden tampon to plug the hole of my life-giving body blood). Maybe when Jesus said, “Take this all of you and drink it, this is my blood” he was actually performing ancient pagan ritual with the blood of a woman’s menstrual cycle. For this is all from where we come, is it not? Are we not all born of women? Are we not all grown in the warm embrace of the body of a woman? Do women’s hearts, torsos, and legs not carry us until we are ready to come alive into this world? And yet, the idea of seeing this blood as sacred is lost to a generation of women who grew up believing they needed to be hairless, shapeless, life-less versions of women- ideas of what women are, rather than the embodiment of the energy of a sacred woman.

What I wish I started learning at a younger age was how beautiful the time before my period is. How as a woman, I am gifted a superpower: the ability to regenerate every month. Just as every day is a new opportunity for a new experience, so too every month I can shed the ways of old, look at the patterns present in my body and mind, and choose what I want to nourish and grow the next time around. Farmers can use the wisdom of the earth medicine to plant the seeds of the crops they wish to grow at the net full moon. So too we magical women can use the innate nature of our very beings to look inward, see what energetic patterns reside in the tissues of old, and move forward without anything that no longer serves us.

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