Let It Go

April 25, 2019

Let. It. Go.

Three words.

Often overlooked, underrated.

Letting something go- whatever it is- it a generous thing to do.

We are all on a path, an energetic journey. We are moving, living, vibrating beings. Sometimes, we “bump into each other” energetically. We catch some thing or some one, not sure what or who it is or if it’s meant to stay. Sometimes, it stays, but we must remember that it has an energy of its own.

This thing or this person is attracted to you for whatever reason right now, at this very moment in time. How long it stays is not up to you. When you feel this thing (or person) leaving, grasping onto to it creates tension. Perhaps, after spending enough time together, you have literally changed each other’s energetic makeup. Perhaps now, you’ve changed each other as much as is possible. Like two elements coming together- you’ve changed the structure of each other’s cells simply by being together. What’s meant to last will last.

But, that change that’s occurred in one or both of you is what will lead to one party being pulled away- called, energetically, to another source of energy. Another place, another space. The more you try to control that thing, that person, or that circumstance leaving you, the more tired, angry, and frustrated you’ll become. Then, the thing you loved most, the thing that came to you seemingly out of thin air- has vanished. Only the energetic remnants of its past stimuli remain on your heart- in your body.

And, while nostalgia would encourage you to recreate those visceral memories, they are gone. You have changed. The stimuli cannot be reenacted, nor should it. For time and space have past, have run their course. You must now surrender to the movement.

Let the change happen.

Let it go, to wherever it may want.

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