A Bird’s Eye View

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 2:30pm

Those of us who are recovering from anything- whether it be addiction, trauma, injury, depression, or all of the above, spend a lot of time hoping, wishing, and praying that life will get better- that we will get better. And yet, because of our own preconceived notions, we create timelines upon which we place rigid expectations. We can easily lose faith when our prayers are not immediately heard and answered.

And yet- God, the Universe, Fate (whatever you want to call the energy that courses through all living things), seems to know what it’s doing. After fighting to meet our own deadlines, we fail time and again to be where we want, when we want. Our goal, then, shifts from finding our way out of discomfort and into surrender.

When we allow the sheer force of nature to grow us, to nurture us, and to strengthen our hearts and minds through the simple and indescribable experience of every day life- after driving ourselves so deeply into the hole of despair trying to meet our own timelines, we come to realize (like all the wise men and women who came before us), that despite feeling “buried,” by life’s unanswered questions, we are (thankfully) seeds.

We enter life somehow- either with karma or without- and what we see in front of us every day is a mere reflection of our selves. When the life we see begins to show us our own failings, our own edges that need to be softened, our own spiritual debts that need to be settled, we must retreat. We must retreat into ourselves and look for answers in the very place that’s been right beneath our noses this whole time: our hearts.

We must cast away any ideas that the outer world will provide us with the true peace and comfort- that peace can only be found within our own souls. We must get to know ourselves beyond the context of the roles we play in our relationships, our communities, and our careers. We must begin to know ourselves as part of nature- just as much affected by the winds and the rains and the problems that plague the planet as any other living being. We must come home to ourselves to turn around and change our communities.

We are alive during a time of great darkness, the necessary ingredient that will propel us forward into a new chapter of human and planetary evolution. And, like the conscious creators we are, all of our actions, thoughts, and choices will have an immediate and lasting impact on our communities and upon the greater energetic resonance of our planet.

Everything is going to be fine, because those of us searching for the truth have to look no further than our own selves. For it is always here, waiting to be seen.

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