February 10, 2019

Imagine there is nothing inherently wrong with you. Imagine your body, your nervous system, and your senses are the result of thousands of years of natural selection and the progression of your species. Imagine, if just for a moment, that nature has designed you perfectly fit for survival & reproduction.

Now, imagine a new threat to your species emerges. Unlike the past predators of lions and tigers, memories of which resonate deeply in your reptilian brain- this threat is something new: an intangible force, a silent assassin, taking members of our species one at a time. That threat is the very same trait that once helped us evolve- our higher intelligence.

Our intelligence, our use of language, and our ability to conceptualize and carry out ideas that progress us into our futures, once so helpful to our evolution, can unfortunately fall prey to unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and beliefs should exist to serve our highest good- not catapult us into oblivion.

Dr. Jordan B Peterson, renowned author, speaker, and behavioral psychologist, discusses that it is in your highest good, and in the highest good of the species of which you are a part, to treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love very deeply, and take care of yourself- for you are the best person in the world for the job.

In Stream-of-Consciousness Theory, many say that thoughts and ideas are not our to own.  Despite knowing so much about biology, evolution, and mathematics, there is no proof, no proven theory, no tracking system for humans discern from where our thoughts come. So, the most important skill we must learn to cultivate during a time where thoughts and beliefs are the biggest threat to the survival of our planet and ourselves, is the skill of listening.

If we can learn to listen to each other, and, most importantly, listen to ourselves- we can start to differentiate which voices (AKA thoughts) in our head are truly ours, and which come from an unhelpful and, potentially evil, place.

We can start to hear the sounds of certain voices. How does the thought, “I am not good enough” sound? It sounds icky, gross, and full of self-defeating victimhood. How does, “I am going to trust life and trust this situation,” sound? It sounds hopeful, faith-filled, and optimistic. When you choose to empower the ladder voice, you begin to embody the qualities associated with it as you move through your day. You then bring that energy to every person with whom you come into contact. You, single-handedly, change the world around you based on the values you hold and the beliefs that you make true. Do you believe that you have the power to choose your thoughts? Or, do you believe that your thoughts have control over you?

The decision is yours to make.

And, if you still doubt that the power resides within you- ask yourself, who benefits from your belief that you are not fit enough to manage your own life? Do you give your money away to companies that exist to serve that negative voice, the one that tells you there must be something wrong with you? Alternatively, who benefits when you believe in yourself? Your family, partner, friends, employer, community, all thrive when you empower helpful thoughts. That alone should indicate that the power resides within you.

The more you trust your life, the more you cultivate faith and vulnerability, the louder the voices of self-doubt, worry, and fear might become. These voices start to see that you’ve given power elsewhere, and in their death rattle they vie for your attention one last time, hoping you’ll surrender your power over to them again, giving them renewed life and the opportunity to run rampant in our precious world. Choose faith.

Remember that the voices in your head, the thoughts in your field of awareness, are not you– they are tools, stop-signs, sometimes even “Proceed with Caution” signs as your spirit enters a new phase of life, walking an untraveled path. Discovering new lands, alone or with others, will be made all the more rewarding if you lead with curiosity and wonder, not fear. Choose to trust the world around you, and not the fear-based narrative that prevents you from opening up and sharing your self with the world. We need you.

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