Be Imperfect

When you so badly want good lives for your loved ones, good solutions for the world, sometimes the delivery of that message can be condescending. We think we can heal the world, we think we know best. We create lots of output, we forget to listen. We care about each other, our planet, our selves. And, with that stomach-emptying compassion, we want to give. Take my advice,” we plead. “Listen to me,” we beg. But, at the end of the day, our opinions and input may not only be wrong, but they can be damaging to the development of those around us. It is better to live your own karma imperfectly than to live the karma of another perfectly- and we yogis known this all too well. When our own worlds appear out of order, and the only physicians that can heal us are Mother Earth and Father Time, it can be heart-wrenching to surrender to their guidance. And so, we lash out. We “coach” those around us. We seek to rid the world and the people in it of imperfections in a last-stich effort to regain the illusion of control over our circumstances. But, alas, we are powerless to affect change on any body but ourselves (and even then, sometimes we cannot change ourselves without the help of life). With the help of Spirit, we can meet ourselves, wholly and fully imperfect, and let Mother Earth and Father Time do the rest. For it is not in having good intentions that our world becomes magnificent, but in allowing the buds of our imperfect lives to grow into wild flower beds that dance their way into the garden of our own lives. Get out of your own way.

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