Lisa Spirio’s “This is Why We Fight” Digital Humanities Values

The sixth value I’d add to Lisa Spirio’s essay “This is Why We Fight,” wherein she details a list of five proposed values the field of Digital Humanities “should” adopt as a basis for community-building moving forward is adaptability. Why does Digital Humanities need to be self-defined as an adaptable filed of scholarly study? The need for adaptability is in high demand in the Digital Humanities, namely because there exist such a variety of templates, software, and mediums upon which the field can be taught. If we agree upon “Adaptable,” as an added core value of the Digital Humanities, space is immediately created for emerging software to fall under the umbrella category of DH.

Additionally, we know not to where the field of Digital Humanities will evolve. A decade ago, very few people (if any) could have accurately predicted the exponential growth experienced in the tech fields. Who would have known what a “cloud” was in 2001, if asked to define it in terms of its technological purpose? A field that is adaptable can readily restructure itself should the times demand it to. This value appeals to Spirio’s argument for a “living document,” one that could be changed, if needed.

written by Shawna Marie Rodgers

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