Out of the Maze

December 2, 2018

I’m beginning to wonder how much of our language is simply frivolous, novelty- nothing more than intricate sounding words that play the violin strings of our consciousness to create an inner song- a feeling, a vibe, a deep intricate knowing.

When people speak kind words, gentle words, true words- and we really listen- we open ourselves up to the effect of the words’ energy. We become different. We feel different. Our cells change. When we listen, we are vulnerable. We become each other through the words we speak. But, there is a language beyond words.

There is the language of the body. There is an energetic exchange that occurs with deep eye contact. When deep feelings are communicated between people through eye contact, words are not needed. Words fail to encompass within their definitions all that occurs during moments or minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Just like that- in an instant, if we are aware of it, we leave the world of language and enter the world of energy.

Our frontal lobes slow down, down, down. Our heart rates relax to the tune of a deep inner symphony playing inside us. The strings of our human instruments being played by the gods- the gazes and eyes we meet every day- the people with whom we surround ourselves permeate every part of our own bodies. Without the slightest touch, we affect each other. We change each other on a cellular level. We change everybody around us- all the time.

When we are conscious of our impact on others, we can begin to learn how to create the type of interactions we want to have. When we approach life from a place of love, of openness, of receptivity- being fully vulnerable and surrendering to the healing music of another’s gaze, we join the energetic dance of life beyond language.

In this way, language fails us. We so wish to bring together the world of being and the world of thinking, but the fact of the matter is that those two words are sometimes light-years apart. Deep presence comes to us outside of language. Deep presence comes from sound, touch, taste, from feeling. Deep presence comes from energetic resonance with another being.

We use language to guide ourselves out of one world and into the other- to free ourselves. We know the world of thought and language that we’ve created is nothing more than a construct, a non-physical plane of reality that has the ability to influence our actions. We’ve set ourselves up with internal “Exit” signs- words and ways of thinking that remind us to tune into sound, to touch, to feeling. We’ve given ourselves a map- a way out of the very maze into which we trapped ourselves.

Sometimes, we just need to remember that.

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