Change is a Sneaky Gypsy

October 21, 2018

Change in your life is never announced.

Sure, when major life events happen, change is fairly obvious. But, what about the smaller events, the little moments that add up, resulting in our lives looking and feeling dramatically different now than they did even just a year ago? There is no narrator speaking to you, saying in a Morgan Freeman voice, “And, just like that, everything changed for little Billy.”

Change is a sneaky gypsy that shows up silently- so silently, that at first you do not even notice his presence. Like Santa Claus, Change watches you all the time. First, Change approaches you slowly, testing you in unexpected places. On the freeway, in the grocery store, or at the gym, Change notices your reactions and responses to the world around you. He lurks in the shadows of the night and asks you to examine simultaneously your deepest desires and your deepest fears. He wants to see you respond to life with love, hope, and faith. Each time we react to life with fear, doubt, or insecurity, Change sighs and walks back to his hiding place, waiting for us to be bold so he can be bold right back at us.

Change hopes, when he sees you honking at an elderly driver, that you begin cultivate presence and awareness, because he really wants to get to know you. Rather, he wants to introduce you to the newest version of yourself, a person you cannot meet until you take daily steps to respond to the world differently. Only then can Mr. Change take you to meet the newest version of “you.”

The most crucial times to respond differently are during moments of despair. If we can learn to be present in those moments, instead of reacting to them with an outdated coping mechanism, Change has permission to enter our lives. He steps out from his camouflage and arrives right on our front doorsteps.

“It’s time!” he yells. Change drags you away from everything you’ve known and grown familiar with and throws you head first into a new life you couldn’t have imagined, not even in your wildest dreams. Change sends you on trips and introduces you to countless new souls, more people who every day will teach you who you are, how your energy is felt in the world, and how powerfully you can impact others.

Change gives you the wildest life you could ever imagine because you’ve been working towards it this entire time. But, nobody said you wouldn’t have a little whiplash.

We spend years praying, hoping, and wishing for different lives. But, what do we do with once we get them? There is no moving company that helps us decide what emotional patterns to take with us as we move into new ways of being. There is no packing professional to determine which baggage needs to be left behind. We must sort through the thought patterns, beliefs, and attitudes that get to come with us into our next phases of life. More often than not, we realize it is time to say goodbye to many of the beliefs that kept us stuck in our old ways of being.

Saying goodbye to those beliefs is one of the prerequisites for joining Mr. Change for the ride of your life.

Because, as much as we think it never will, Change does come. It comes in ways unexpected and profound and beautiful. Your greatest teachers spend years by your side, only to leave right when things get good. You learned all they could teach you. They gave all they can give to you and now, the lessons you’ve learned become your only currency in this world. You must take the lessons with you, you must practice them in your new role, and you must realize that you already have all the answers to your heart’s questions.

You hold the lessons of your loved ones deep within you. These lessons are all you need to succeed once Mr. Change comes a’knocking on your door. You are ready.

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