The Strength Is In The Calm

March 3, 2012
Ocean Beach, San Diego

“It is beautiful. Beauty and peace are words
inaccurate and unworthy of such a stillness.
Bodies everywhere, yes, all different. Each
with a different story. The girls chuckle;
not yet knowing the harshness of the
world. One day, it will come. That day
is not today.

The days blend as time has meant
All for good
Who receives this good?
Why continue to search
It is right here
Your day will come
That day is not today

Wind rips up the turquoise waters
Specs glide, black and white
such ease, such calm
no fear, worry, or stress
Your day will come
That day is not today

The tiny houses paint the vast hills
Scattered, yet nestled
Home, yet lonely
Your day will come
That day is not today

The calm cannot be captures
For the tides rise and fall
Every so calmly, yet with vast strength

The strength brings the calm
without it, chaos
The wings fight the breeze
The feathers trap the warmth
The heart beats unyieldingly
And yet, calm

The water thrashes and screams
The cold burns
But the sun glistens on its screams
And the horizon never ends
The strength brings the calm
It cannot be caught

On a bubble of warmth
One finds a calm
Cheater out of the calm
In what has been trained to stir
Is the true calm

Loneliness breeds calm
Silence breeds calm
Noise breeds calm
It all brings calm
Your day will come
But that day is not today

Inhale the calm
It is everywhere
Stop looking

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