Walk Out

What if hell weren’t a place at all
Weren’t a place that trapped you in its walls
Weren’t a place where you could never leave
Weren’t a place you had to remain and grieve

What if it was a place with a door
A place you could walk out before
You ever knew of anything else
A place you could leave
A place called hell

And the only trouble was that you thought you had to stay
You kept yourself there until you felt you’d paid
Paid for all the horrible things you did
For the people you hurt
For the damage of your sins

And one day, you realized this prison sentence was your own
One you could adjust
One you could hone

And you could return home to a happy, giving place
A place full of love
A place full of grace

I think that maybe that’s how forgiveness works
Yu punish yourself until it no longer hurts
And then, one day, you realize your time is up

You can move on
Move out
And know that it’s all been enough.

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