HarvestPort Announces New Services in 2018

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“We want to put another dollar in the pockets of farmers.”
– Brian Dawson, Founder of HarvestPort

HarvestPort (a Visionary Level supporter of the CCOF Foundation) supports CCOF’s mission to educate future organic farmers, help consumers understand organic, assist organic farmers in need, and provide ongoing training for organic professionals. You may know HarvestPort from their groundbreaking work as a shared economy platform. What you may not know, however, is that CEO Brian Dawson and co-founder Chad Hokama have since found another way to serve the agricultural community. HarvestPort is now a procurement advocate for farmers.

What does this mean for your business?

HarvestPort finds deals on the inputs farmers use most. With the goal of increasing your income, HarvestPort lowers the cost of inputs and helps farmers navigate the ever-changing marketplace of organic agriculture. So, whether you’ve been in the agriculture business for a long time or are just beginning the transition from conventional to organic farming, HarvestPort can help save you money along the way.

Co-founders Dawson and Hokama started HarvestPort as a shared economy platform, allowing agribusinesses to seamlessly share under-utilized equipment. But their goal to vastly improve the organic industry did not stop there. HarvestPort seeks to streamline day-to-day operations of organic farmers. Shopping for inputs is time consuming—having to compare costs, knowing the right time to buy, and watching market trends all take farmers out of the fields and into the office. To get farmers the best value for their money, HarvestPort created an online e-commerce platform where buyers can purchase their most-used input materials at a competitive cost (being of most benefit to mid- and large-acre growers). It will function much like an online co-op, where HarvestPort does the shopping for its growers.

Dawson is a long-time California agriculture professional. He’s launched several successful startups, utilizing his rich background to create technology that best serves agribusiness professionals. In a new PBS documentary (to be released June 2018), Dawson discusses his desire to remove barriers to organic farming, which often deter young people from entering the very vulnerable farming workforce. “We can remove those barriers so [new farmers] can grow—they can start their new farm. We can attract new people into farming, and we need more people in the agriculture industry, particularly young people.” We couldn’t agree more!

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