You’ve Got a Genius

Alone time is crucial to writers, artists, actors, and musicians- those who craft our cultural landscapes.

When we are alone, cut off from any and all outside stimuli, we’re not entirely by ourselves. Rather, when without the company of other beings, we begin to pay attention to somebody who has been with us all along. We cultivate a relationship with the “genius” within ourselves.

By listening, by becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can begin to differentiate where “we” end and where “the creator” begins.

When we are removed from other people, we are left with ourselves. What’s within us is often what we most need to understand. Buried beneath our to-do lists and future-oriented minds are layers of energy, misunderstood motivations, and a “person” within us all – our own personal “genius.”

It has been said that in Ancient Greece, communities would gather to watch dramas and comedies unfold on the stage. If an actor gave a wonderful performance, audience members would claim, “That actor HAS a genius.” Somewhere along the passage of time, the phrase shifted to, “That actor IS a genius.” The difference is crucial to our understanding of creativity and the nature of our personal creative essences.

When an individual houses a genius, the human is merely a vessel through which the genius comes into the world. This theory supports the esoteric argument that our spirits choose our bodies before we are born. Perhaps our spirits, the creative forces that govern us, inhabit our bodies for the mere purpose of expression.

Beautiful performances of all kinds are born out of creative contact between the genius and its human vehicle from great athletic feats to life-altering scientific discoveries. These achievements cannot be made without a steady combination of peer collaboration and personal isolation.

If our purpose is to house a genius, then in order to accommodate this genius we must live in a constant state of duality. We are both the experiencer and the creator, dividing time between fleshy bodily pursuits and internal episodes of creative spontaneity. We must carve out time to listen and time to act. Each feeds the other.

You are both the genius within and the witness of it. You are both entities, not entirely one or the other.

If we misidentify ourselves as the genius, we lose awareness, becoming lost in sensation. No longer do we need quiet time to listen to the genius that lives within; we believe ourselves to be fully and wholly the genius, itself. We believe ourselves to be gods, incapable of error and emboldened to act in a way befitting a pompous king with an inflated sense of importance. If we no longer have the genius, but instead are the genius, the world loses its true nature of creation and destruction. It becomes nothing more than a hedonistic playfield for the entitled individuals who lack the one ingredient vital to the sustainability of creative types: humility.

There are two beliefs available to those who believe they’ve made contact with their genius. The first is that we have no idea from where this genius came, but that it is here until further notice and has found a way to make itself known through our bodies. Or, we can believe that we are wholly and fully geniuses ourselves. One of the aforementioned beliefs is rife with hubris and will undoubtedly debilitate the individual in question. The other belief, one we watch time and again from humble artists, is that this genius came from another dimension.

Countless athletes, musicians, and artists attribute their gifts to a deity, to their “higher power.” Some of the most successful people in history credit all their success to blessings from another dimension.

If you’ve had the privilege of meeting your genius, how do you express it? How does your genius want to move through you? Can you hear it underneath the distractions of social media? Does it call to you in moments of silence? When do you most feel called to action? When you need direction, do you take time to become quiet enough to hear the hushed calls of your spirit?

Go be alone, just for a little while. Remove yourself from conversation, stimulation, and screen-related technology. Go sit somewhere and draw inward, focusing your attention on your internal energy field.

Allow the genius to move through you; our world needs it.

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