The Pilgrims of 2018

Take the time to recall your childhood memories devoid of technology. Us “Millenials” weren’t devoid of ALL technology (we had televisions and microwaves, of course). But, household computers and cell phones had yet to be mainstreamed. We had pay phones and home phone numbers (AKA “land lines”).

If we wanted to see a movie, we had to check for show times in the newspaper.

It we wanted to make a phone call, we used the phone. We didn’t have to call it the “home phone,” because cell phones didn’t exist, yet.

If we wanted to drive to another city, we had to read a physical map for directions.

Our parents had car phones or maybe some of the first model cell phones, the ones that were nearly a foot long and looked more like walkie-talkies.

Our family’s first computers were about two feet deep. It took nearly half an hour to connect to the Internet.

Technology is the railroad of modern times- connecting people not only faster in the physical sense (a quick text message can result in a physical meet-up only moments later), but connecting us in the invisible realms of energy.

Our physical reality is about 97% unseen. The energetic fields that motivate human connection, exploration, and understanding are, at this point in time, new frontiers.

As travelers and seekers, it is only logical that humans would progress from crossing oceans to crossing new realms of conscious awareness. It makes sense that humans have evolved from exploring new oceans, lands, and mountains to exploring emotions, intentions, and the belief systems that govern our daily choices.

The mind and the energies that motivate life are the next frontier, and we are the pilgrims of the modern age.

Perhaps somebody with predispositions to depression or mental illness is to become the next Columbus, learning how to weave his way seamlessly between the inner workings of the mind, creating pathways and taking notes of the landscape to return home to share the secrets of his success into and out of these dark inner worlds. Perhaps the meditators, float-tank enthusiasts, and silent-retreat attendees are 2017’s version of ancient wise men and women.

Our physical world holds more unknown information within it than we could ever imagine. Much in the same way, we, ourselves, are vastly more complex and complicated than we can begin to understand. Today, we can only marvel at the symphony of our human bodies, comprised of heartbeats, rising and falling crescendos of oxygen, beats of our footsteps, and stirrings of our emotional expression. What we know now is but the tip of an iceberg of information that travels thousands of miles into the depths of our true potential as human beings, deep in the unchartered territories of subconscious awareness.

The deep sea is fascinating to mankind. We’ve created fairy tales about monsters of the Loch Ness and imagined dark underworld mermaids to perhaps, in some way, fill the void left vacant by the undiscovered truths of the ocean. Our fascination with the sea in the physical form can be likened to our fascination with our own emotional bodies and the inner workings of our deeply unseen emotional worlds.

Up to 90% of a human’s body weight is composed of water. The percent of water that comprises our physical bodies may, too, be like the sea in its vastly unknown complexities. And so, as we continue to explore our external universe, we will continue to explore our internal worlds, as we our comprised of the same elemental substances as the stars that explode across the skies we watch with our eyes that are made of the same compounds as those exploding stars.

And around and around we go in the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. As we require substances from the earth to grow and develop and be born, so too does the earth require our bodies and physical substances to be regenerated into the soil to give life to other organisms.

We are the cosmic entertainers, the dreamers, connected by the unseen fields of energy without which we would not exist. The fact that there is something, instead of nothing, should be reason enough alone to believe in anything at all.

And so, when the darkness calls you, do not be afraid. Allow yourselves to become submerged in the water and be reborn anew.

Trust that your heart will guide you to safety in the deepest waters in the darkest hours of your life. Allow yourselves to be swallowed up by the black hole that once threatened you, trusting that you will return to the dry land upon which you walked with a sense of profound purpose, and with the ability to spread your light those who’ve only ever known your darkness. Return to them a lighthouse, a symbol of hope lighting the way out of the dark for those who may be drowning.

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