Voyant Technologies to dissect John Crowe Ransom

The three questions below are carefully crafted from imputing John Crow Ransom’s article, “Criticism, Inc.” into Voyant Technolgies. The findings proposed by Voyant allowed the conception of the following critical questions.
1) The relative frequency of the word “criticism” in Ransom’s article, “Criticism, Inc.,” experiences a very rapid and continual progression between increasing and decreasing citations. How does Ransom’s choice to dip into and out of the discussion of criticism further support his elaboration of what true criticism really is?
2) Ransom’s position about the validity of professional literary criticism draws notable connections. What textual evidence exists to support Ransom’s claims that the time has come for literature departments and professors of higher educational scholarship to take a more critical approach to their methods of textual analysis?
3) Just as the mention of criticism in Ransom’s text can be seen in a state of perpetual extreme presence and absence, so can the utterance anything involving studies, although they have an inverse relationship. The more Ransom mentions studies, the less he mentions criticism (and vice versa). Why would two focal points of Ransom’s argument, specifically studies and criticism, need to be separated from each other to support his thesis?

written by Shawna Marie Rodgers