Let’s Dance

October 17, 2022

What if life weren’t expected to “look” a certain way? What if, instead, we allowed it to be what it is? We allowed people the freedom to be who they are, express how they wish, and communicate themselves to the world the way that a loving universe designed them to? We were not built for uniformity. We were built to be different. To feel differently. To see and walk and express and move differently. When we meet others who move in a way that compliments our own natural rhythms, we begin to dance.

Like a bass guitar that’s found its drumbeat, a piano that’s found its singer. Our counterparts, on our best and loveliest days, will move in a way that befits our own natural tendencies. Together, we make music. Apart, we make music. Our individual dancing and moving and creative expression out in the world doesn’t stop because the instruments separate.

I think that’s one of the hallmarks of codependency. A piano starts to believe its keys don’t work without a singer nearby to harmonize. The drum kit refuses to play without a guitar waiting to jump in at just the right moment. Instruments, like people, forgetting their own power in the face of a unified pairing. Forgetting that they themselves are capable of making beautiful music all on their own.

May we make music together as long as we are destined to.

May we play in unison- with differences that only make us stronger.

May we practice on our own, come together when it’s right, and never forget the sound of our own truths, our own instruments. For when we start to pay more attention to the other than to ourselves, we lose the song. The beat. The rhythms. We fall out of tempo-forgetting that our own sound and prowess must come first. As we approach each other may we do so with kindness, respect, and love. May we remember our own, true nature. May we know ourselves so well that our shared songs can become a safe haven into which we dissolve.  May we dissolve into each other with every song we are lucky enough to play. And, upon each song’s end, may we reintegrate into our individual, whole selves. May we return to our own instruments, no love lost, knowing that we cannot combine forever. May we do this knowing and trusting that each time we reunite, it’s heavenly.

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