You are who you’ve been waiting for

October 6, 2021

Before you know it, the cycle has repeated itself all over again.

Just when you thought you were done and moved on.

Just when you thought you were healthy and strong.

Something comes along that knocks you right off your feet.

Pummels you to the ground.

Only it’s nothing you can see.

It’s a perception.

A feeling.

A terrorizing projection of the future.

You’ve been triggered. It’s not real. Yet you’re lying on the floor like a feather

That’s just been blown off of a bird flying high

Who has no idea that you’re down on the ground, from the sky

It looks like you are resting, peaceful, not a care in the world

When in reality you are down, in pain, full of hurt

But the pain is outdated. It is old and its hold is strong.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to hold on to this for so long.

Please let it go, for now, even if you know it could come back.

Let it go and wind down, it’s okay to crack.

You’ve held it together for so long, I’m proud of all that you’ve done

But the healing must come within

You are the one.

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