For All the Beginners

April 14, 2020

You will never get this back. The moments of beginning. The moments of wonder, of uncertainty. Like a baby looks out in awe of the sensory input around him, so too will you gaze in amazement at the new world around you. Budding relationships, careers, friendships are just that- budding

This phase of beginning only lasts so long. The sparkles wear off. The allure fades. The excitement and nervousness that accompany your beginners-mindset will dissolve into nothingness. Be here. Watch the new beginning as if it’s being played back to you for the first time. 

Remember the moments when you felt like you’d arrived. Remember the sheepish way in which you walked into the room- not recognizing anybody or anything around you. You will enter those rooms again and again throughout your life- if you are lucky. 

Be watchful; one day, like a teenager, you will grow defiant of the system in which you find yourself. The system that once held wonder and “newness.” Your wonder, your amazement, your awe- all will fade as you take on an experienced, yet limited mindset. You will think you know how things work. In some cases you will be right, but in most cases, you won’t. Give yourself time to grow into an “adult” in these relationships, careers, communities. For only those who stay patient and persist through the growing pains can see the stage of life most only dream of in their careers, relationships, or other pursuits: the stage of the wise one. 

Find the people who have had long, successful careers in your industry. Find people who’ve been married for 50 years, happily. Seek guidance from the elders because you, my dear, are just learning to crawl and you could become a jaded adult before you know it. Stay open. Stay full of wonder, and all your dreams will come true. 

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