There’s a Shark in the Water

January 27, 2020

There is a shark in the water of the soul of the world

A threat to our humanity

A threat to our girls

A threat to the ones who are doing the work

A threat to the ones who can’t stop for the earth

The shark is lurking


It’s shadow reflected by the sun

Drawing circles around swimmers

Get out now and run

For a shark is born and meant to do only one thing

Hunt and survive

Kill others for its gain

Ensnare you and tear you and work its way down

Through your limbs and your spine

Your heart and your gums

The world cries out for a healer, a truth

A leader that can stand on two feet with no proof

Of corruption

Or hatred

Or lethal energy to boot

A hero to stand tall

To ground us and root

A hero to remind us all what we forgot

That pain is a prerequisite

To life in this drought

A time without water, an emotion of hope

A time without peace or rejoicing to keep us afloat

And we pray

And we cry

And we wish for new times

But honestly baby it might just be a sign

A sign that despite all the fear, lacking hope

A change is upon us

Somewhere vast off the coast.

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